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More than just a Bobby Vinton Tribute Concert, Eddy "K" gives the audience a chance to be there at pivotal moments in
the extraordinary career of Bobby Vinton.  From a big band leader who's career was over. Found the right song "Roses are
Red" at the right time, and blasted onto the charts with one hit after another. Starring on the Ed Sullivan Show, and later
having his own hit Television Show, Bobby's career soared and produced some of the most revered love songs of all time.

Eddy allows the audience to get a glimpse inside the world of the Bobby Vinton from his point of view, as well as hear
some of the greatest Love songs ever written. The show delivers! If you see one tribute show, see this one  smart and loads
of fun.

Pop Sensation: Bobby Vinton

Equipped with an angelic voice and singing sincere songs about undying love, Vinton surprised everyone by generating 30 Top 40
songs in the 1960s and 1970s, and 24 of his albums made the Billboard Top 200. Vinton's romantic love songs had particular appeal to
young fans, but later in his career he was able to adjust his style to appeal to adult audiences. He had remarkable staying power for a
teen idol, continuing to record songs that registered on the charts for well over a decade. After topping the charts with "Roses Are
Red" in 1962, he reached the top position again in 1963 with his version of "Blue Velvet," which had been recorded by the Clovers in
1955, and "There! I Said It Again." In 1964 he topped the Hit Parade with "Mr. Lonely, Young fans made up the core of Vinton's audience,
and they eagerly bought up his recordings of heartrending love ballads.

Timing was part of the formula for Vinton's popularity, since pop music was in a lull in the early 1960s. The doo-wop music of the 1950s
had run its course, the Beatles' "British invasion" had yet to occur, and fresh new idols for music fans were in short supply. When the
Beatles and other English bands arrived in the United States in the mid-1960s, however, they generally undercut the popularity of
gentle crooners like Bobby Vinton.

Nevertheless, Vinton continued to stay on the charts with songs such as "Please Love Me Forever" in 1967 and "I Love How You Love
Me," which made Number One in 1969 and again in  1972 with covers of old songs such as "Sealed With a Kiss," which had been a hit for
Brian Hyland in 1962.

Bobby ended his 13-year pact with Epic Records to sign a new contract with ABC Records. Much to Epic's dismay, Vinton brought ABC
a gold record in 1974 with the Top Ten single "My Melody of Love," which included some lines in Polish. His popularity again bolstered,
Vinton got his own syndicated television series, The Bobby Vinton Show, which remained on the air from 1975 to 1978.

While other stars who were his peers during his early days as a pop sensation had long faded from the scene, Bobby has managed to  
maintain a loyal following.
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